Mama Kale\'s Kale Yeah Smoothie
1 1/2 cups Coconut water
could also use coconut milk or plain water
1 cup Fresh pineapple chunks
1 half Banana
cut into chunks and frozen
2 fistfulls Kale leaves
pulled from stems
2 tbsp Hemp seeds
1 tsp Maca powder
This is a great starter green smoothie to convert even the most hesitant green "greenaphobe" Adjust the ratio of fruit and greens to gradually acclimate your taste buds.
Place ingredients in blender in order listed and blend until completely smooth.
You may adjust the liquid to your preferred consistency.
Best served immediately
I love to use this smoothie to introduce the idea of drinking your greens to people who are hesitant about eating dark leafy greens. I've named this recipe after Rosemary 'Mama Kale' Smith from our program together at Tarkio River Lodge. Her reaction to my announcement about making kale smoothies for breakfast was, "Oh no, I won't eat that!" As you might guess from her nickname, she ended up asking for one to start every morning! Kale yeah!

If you are a newbie to green drinks this is a great starting point because the sweeter fruits help tame the bitterness of the greens. Freezing the fruit prior to blending also helps by making the drink cold and frosty. You can adjust and gradually increase the amount of kale as your taste buds get used to the idea of all that green goodness. Warning: your body will thank you and you may even start craving one every day!