Massachusetts Breakfast Potato Salad

2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 small Red onion
thinly sliced
8 medium Red potato
each cut in 4 equal wedges
2 tsp Herbs de Provence (or Italian spice)
2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 ears Corn
1 cup Cherry tomatoes
cut in half
1/2 each Lemon
zest and juice
to taste
Black pepper
to taste
4 cups Arugula
1 each Ripe avocado
seeded and cut into small chunks
This potato salad is a satisfying breakfast dish that also happens to be full of vegetables to start your day off right.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Heat 2 tsp of oil in a medium saute pan over very low heat. Add onion slices and let caramelize, stirring occasionally. This should take a while (about 45 minutes), the onions will slowly become transparent and then will start to brown and caramelize.
While your onions are cooking, place quartered potatoes, herbs de provence and olive oil in a mixing bowl and season with salt and pepper. Mix until potatoes are evenly coated, then place on a sheet tray in the oven until fork tender, about 30 minutes.
Place ears of corn, with the husk still on, in the oven for 20 minutes. This will steam the corn and make it easy to peel. Once the corn is done, let them cool on the counter for 10 minutes, just enough so you can husk it without burning yourself. Remove the husk and cut the kernels off the cob, save the kernels.
Once the onions are caramelized, add in the corn, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, lemon zest, salt and pepper, using the lemon juice to scrape off all the caramelization from the bottom of the pan.
Fold in the arugula and diced avocado last, cooking it just until the arugula starts to wilt, about 30 seconds. Remove from heat and transfer vegetables to a large serving platter. Arrange the mixture along the outside of the platter and pile your cooked potatoes in the middle for an impressive display of culinary awesomeness!
source: This recipe was created by myself and Chef McLovin while at 'Camp Mafia' in Massachusetts
Try adding in your favorite seasonal vegetables to make this dish your own!