recipes: condiment

  • Creamy Basil Lime Pepita Dressing
    This tangy meal topper gets it's creaminess entirely from blended pumpkin seed. Additional seeds can be used to make a thicker, more dip-like puree. Fresh Basil LeavesExtra Virgin Olive OilFresh Lime JuiceRaw Apple Cider VinegarWaterSea SaltPepitas
  • Gonzo Hell Fire Aioli
    This sauce is a great example of extreme flavors balancing one another. The habanero peppers used make this sauce extremely hot, but the fat from the eggs and oil, and the sweetness from the sugar, mask the heat up front giving it a delayed reaction. If not careful it can scorch your palate! As Pedro (Gonzo) once requested "more heat!!" I've renamed it "Gonzo Hell Fire Aioli." I use this with my fresh fish tacos, however, it's a great condiment on just about anything! Habanero peppersRed wine vinegarEggsLemon juiceSugarSaltSesame oilSrirachaCanola oil
  • Mango and Black Bean Salsa
    This is a great taco topping and also works served up with tortilla chips or to dress up a piece of grilled fish. red pepperred onionscallionsblack beanscilantroolive oilsaltmangoeslimes
  • Rhubarb Bar-B-Q Sauce
    A delicious, seasonal, condiment to use on burgers, pulled pork or sandwiches. coconut oilonionjalapeñogarlicrhubarbtomato saucetomato pasteapple cider vinegarblackstrap molassessmoked paprikastone ground mustardsea saltblack peppersucanat or light brown sugar
  • Sesame Sand
    Sprinkle this savory seasoning on salads, vegetables, whole grains, stews, noodles, beans, wraps, sandwiches or soups for a healthy flavor boost. It's packed with calcium and vitamins, including B12. This recipe yields about 1 cup. unhulled sesame seedsnutritional yeastsea salt
  • Tzaziki (Middle Eastern Yogurt Sauce)
    This simple delicious probiotic sauce is the perfect accompaniment to whole grains, quinoa, salads, falafels, dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), organic meats, and stuffed pita sandwiches. A delectable dip for vegetables, naan, pita, and chips, tzaziki’s complex flavor enhances most savory foods. Make sure you use only the best quality cornstarch-free gelatin-free yogurt (check label). plain greek yogurtjapanese cucumbergarlicdill weedlemon juicesea saltmint leavesextra virgin olive oil
  • Vegan "Blue Cheese" Dip
    For when your brain says give me rich and creamy, but your belly says please no dairy. VegenaiseKite Hill Soft Fresh Original*lemonapple cider vinegarnutritional yeast*chivesparsleygarlic powdersalt