recipes: good for you

  • Asparagus with Chana Dal
    I love asparagus, it cooks in just a few minutes and it’s the best source of Folate (one of the most important nutrients especially for women). I tried mixing it with some Chana Dal (my new favorite lentil) and I am addicted. Chana dal is simply a split chickpea without the skin and you can buy it at any Indian grocer. You only need to fry it for a short time and it becomes crunchy and edible. It’s now a staple in almost all my vegetable dishes. Don’t get hung up if you don’t have all the spices I’ve listed – add your own blend. coconut oilchana dalsplit urad dalmustard seedcumin seedasafetidaasparagussalt to taste
  • Breakfast Parfait
    Packed with probiotics, protein, Omega 3‘s, and cancer-fighting ellagic acid, this simple, tasty, satisfying breakfast also makes a great snack or dessert. I like to use frozen berries for this. Make the parfait, then take a shower or get dressed. This gives just enough time for the berries to begin thawing so their lovely juices mingle with the yogurt and hemp seeds. Then eat the parfait. Delicious! raw shelled hemp seedsorganic plain yogurtberriesdash of cinnamonwalnutsdark agave nectar
  • Butternut-Ginger Bisque
    Creamy, satisfying, and rich in beta-carotene, this brilliant bisque is actually dairy-free. It freezes well, so you may want to make a double batch (using both halves of the squash) and freeze it for later. butternut squashwaterextra virgin olive oil or coconut oilfresh turmericginger rootgarlicwhite or yellow onionsea saltmushroom seasoningblack pepperparsley or cilantro
  • Carrot-Ginger Soup with Cashew Cream
    extra virgin olive oilyellow onionssea saltcarrotsfresh gingerground cuminground cinnamonturmericred pepper flakeMagic Mineral Brothsea saltmaple syrupraw cashewswaterlemon juicesea saltnutmeg
  • Catfish Cooked in Cornhusks
    corn husksfennelcatfishDijon mustardsalt and pepperbay leavesvegetable oil