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  • Asparagus with Chana Dal
    I love asparagus, it cooks in just a few minutes and it’s the best source of Folate (one of the most important nutrients especially for women). I tried mixing it with some Chana Dal (my new favorite lentil) and I am addicted. Chana dal is simply a split chickpea without the skin and you can buy it at any Indian grocer. You only need to fry it for a short time and it becomes crunchy and edible. It’s now a staple in almost all my vegetable dishes. Don’t get hung up if you don’t have all the spices I’ve listed – add your own blend. coconut oilchana dalsplit urad dalmustard seedcumin seedasafetidaasparagussalt to taste
  • Brussels Sprouts and Sausage
    Tessamae’s Zesty Ranchgarlicbrussels sproutssaltpepperbaconApplegate Chicken Apple Sausage
  • Huddle's Do-Ahead Mashed Potatoes
    The beauty of this recipe is that you can prepare it way ahead of time, but it can be served immediately too. I'd cut the recipe in half unless you have a crowd PotatoesCream cheeseSour creamOnion saltSaltPepperButterPaprika
  • Red Rice from Antelope Jamboree
    This is an excellent contribution to any southwest inspired meal. This recipe is much more flavorful than the bland red rice you find at Mexican restaurants. The level of heat can easily be regulated by adjusting the chili powder. Flame roasting the red bell pepper makes for good times in the kitchen. It's quite the spectacle and very aromatic....great for hosting and entertaining your guests. Red bell pepperCanned tomatoesVegetable brothChili powderSalt and pepperGhee (clarified butter) or regular butter or vegetable oil (vegan)Cumin seedOnionGarlicWhite or brown Basmati rice