recipes: vegetarian

  • Egg Flowers
    Visually stunning and simple to prepare, this lovely dish always brings a smile. Use Omega-3-rich organic eggs from pasture-raised chickens if available. Any color of bell pepper will work, but try to select 4-point bell peppers instead of 3-point. They taste better. bell peppersolive oileggssea saltfreshly ground black pepperfresh herbs
  • Gonzo Hell Fire Aioli
    This sauce is a great example of extreme flavors balancing one another. The habanero peppers used make this sauce extremely hot, but the fat from the eggs and oil, and the sweetness from the sugar, mask the heat up front giving it a delayed reaction. If not careful it can scorch your palate! As Pedro (Gonzo) once requested "more heat!!" I've renamed it "Gonzo Hell Fire Aioli." I use this with my fresh fish tacos, however, it's a great condiment on just about anything! Habanero peppersRed wine vinegarEggsLemon juiceSugarSaltSesame oilSrirachaCanola oil