recipes: versatile

  • Breakfast Parfait
    Packed with probiotics, protein, Omega 3‘s, and cancer-fighting ellagic acid, this simple, tasty, satisfying breakfast also makes a great snack or dessert. I like to use frozen berries for this. Make the parfait, then take a shower or get dressed. This gives just enough time for the berries to begin thawing so their lovely juices mingle with the yogurt and hemp seeds. Then eat the parfait. Delicious! raw shelled hemp seedsorganic plain yogurtberriesdash of cinnamonwalnutsdark agave nectar
  • Date Syrup
    When the recipe for Kabocha Squash & Tahini spread called for date syrup I thought it would be easy to find. It wasn't! I found it available to order online but I didn't want to wait so I found this recipe online instead, after typing in 'date syrup'! Medjool dateswatervanillacinnamon